Homework: Israel-Palestine Conflict Videos

The cycle assessment exam on our ‘Decolonization and Nationalism’ Unit will include questions about the Israel-Palestine Conflict.  Here are the videos that accompany your packet on the conflict.  From page 1, here is the CBS News excerpt (4:45):

Then there is the Israel-Palestine For Critical Thinkers video from page 2 of the packet (very short, just from start – 0:42)​

Then there is the VOX video entitled “​The Israel-Palestine conflict: a brief, simple history”​ that we started watching in class today (only need to view from start- 9:05):


Lastly, I would also like you to click here and take the time to watch a brief Wall Street Journal video that examines the Iranian Revolution; a turning point in the history of the Middle East that continues to define global geopolitical relationships and conflicts.

Homework: Chinese Revolutions, Part 2

Greetings, Global Students!  We are concluding our concluding our tour of 20th Century China.  The packet you have received examines how Deng Xiaoping’s vision for China was both an evolution and a transformation Mao Zedong’s rule.  To complete your packet, you will need to view following videos on the Tiananmen Square uprising in 1989, examine the images, read the text, and answer the guiding questions in your packet.  You will be graded on your response to the Summary Task on the last page.  Come ready on Thursday 5/25 to show off your knowledge of modern China in a short quiz!

Watch the ​TestTube News Video “What Happened in Tiananmen Square?”​:

Then watch the ​CNN Report on the Tiananmen Square Protests (start- 2:45)​:

And, finally, watch this ​ABC News Report (2:19- end)​:

CHINA VIDEOS: The Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution

The following videos are referenced in your China packet from class.  Please watch them and respond to the guiding questions.  We will have a short, multiple-choice quiz on this material on Wednesday, so be prepared!


The first video is referenced on page 3 of your packet and explains the goals of the Great Leap Forward (6 minutes):


The next two videos are referenced on page 6 of your packet and describe the origins and progress of the Cultural Revolution.  Here is the “NTDTV Video on the Cultural Revolution” (7.5 minutes):

Here is the “documentary about the Cultural Revolution” (17 minutes):


If you would to view another video that sums up China’s Revolutions, here is a Crash Course World History Video with our old friend Mr. Green (12 minutes):

NOTE: this Crash Course video, while highly informative and entertaining, is not part of your packet and will not help you answer the guiding questions.  It is “additional viewing”, not a substitute for viewing the other videos from your packet posted above:


Homework: Nelson Mandela Videos

Your homework this weekend is to read your Nelson Mandela packet and respond the prompt on page 10.  The following videos are referenced in your packet.  Please take the time to watch them all in preparation for a quiz in class on Monday, May 22. For starters, this short BBC video explaining Apartheid (Apartheid: 46 Years in 90 Seconds) may help you prepare for reading your packet:


First, there is a video biography on this History Channel webpage referenced on page 1 of your packet:  http://www.history.com/topics/nelson-mandela (6 minutes)

Next, from page 2 of your packet, please watch BBC:  The Story of Nelson Mandela (8 minutes):

Then, you can watch the historic CNN video of Nelson Mandela’s release from Robben Island prison, referenced on page 5 of your packet (2.5 minutes):

Last, here is Nelson Mandela’s famous speech after being elected president that is referenced on page 6 of your packet (2 minutes) where you will see the transcript for this speech so you can read along as you watch.

For good measure, I am also including a video about the Truth and Reconciliation Committee (TRC) which was a landmark effort to heal the wounds of Apartheid in which South Africans could congress crimes they had committed in exchange for amnesty (not being put on trial for the crime).  As the video explains, elements of the TRC were controversial, and it raised essential question for us as historians: “Is human society capable of achieving both justice and reconciliation for past wrongs?”


And just for fun, here is a video of a song produced by the rockstar Steven “Little Steven” Van Zandt (guitarist in Bruce Springsteen’s band) whose group “Artists United Against Apartheid” organized a boycott of the whites-only South African resort called Sun City.  Some of the artists may be recognizable to you, but all of them were very famous in Mr. Wentworth’s youth.  Enjoy!

If you are interested in learning more about Apartheid or Nelson Mandela, there is no shortage of incredible movies you can watch.  Click here for a list of the Top Ten.



CLASS POLL: What issue matters most to you in the 2016 election?

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are tightening their grips on the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations.
Debate tonight, 9/26/2016, from 9-10:30 pm. Moderator:  Lester Holt of NBC News.  Location:  Hofstra University, Long Island, NY.

Tonight, you will watch the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and see if they speak to the issue you care about most.  Please vote in the poll below, and we will share results and respond in class discussion this week.

If you need to watch the debate online, click here to find out how to stream it for free.  There are also options to watch or listen in Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, and other languages, although you will have to research the best outlets.

WELCOME! Now please rise for the singing of our national anthem…

This is the post excerpt.

Welcome to the blog!  If you are reading this, it means that you have started off the year taking good notes.  Keep up the good work!  Your HOMEWORK for Wednesday, September 14 is to:

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If you have any questions or problems, please email me at misterw718@gmail.com.

ALSO FOR HOMEWORK:  Following up on today’s class, I would like you all to listen to the following  4 minute National Public Radio segment entitle “A Spanish Version of the Star Spangled Banner“.  The audio player should load below, but if not, click here to visit the NPR website and use their player.


This radio segment asks the question whether there should be an official Spanish language version of the song, which major musicians (including Wyclef Jean, Pitbull, and many others) released in 2006, entitled “Nuestro Himno” (“Our Anthem”), to accompany nationwide immigration protests. Please respond to this question by commenting on this post.  Just click on the “Leave a Comment” link on the left side of this post near the top and share your response.

Finally, as promised, here is a video of Jimi Hendrix performing the “Star Spangled Banner” live at Woodstock in 1969.  Ask yourself whether you think this version of the anthem is an expression of patriotism, or protest, or perhaps both?